The perfect gift: A jigsaw puzzle with a qr-code, which leads to your first Satoshis (Bitcoins)


Bitcoin Puzzle

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the first crypto currency that is available worldwide. Anyone in the world with access to the Internet can accept or make payments using Bitcoin without anyone being able to restrict this. Due to the limited number of Bitcoins (max. 21 million), of which more than 19 million are already in circulation, a loss in value due inflation is unlikely in the long term. This is one of the reasons why the country of El Salvador, for example, has already introduced Bitcoin as a legal tender of payment.

Since a Bitcoin has 8 decimal places, even the smallest subset of a whole Bitcoin can be used for payments. The smallest amount (0.00000001 Bitcoin) is often called Satoshi (Sat). Currently, it corresponds to approx. one Euro:

1 EUR = 0.00001628 Bitcoin (BTC) = 1628 Satoshis (Sat)

Time: 21.07.2024 / 12:29 o'clock.

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Bitcoin Puzzle

More and more are realizing that Bitcoin is playing an increasing role in the world. Nevertheless, so far only the least have experience in dealing with it. This is where the puzzles from come in and offer a playful introduction.

The puzzles are the perfect gift idea to get in touch with Bitcoin for the first time or simply as a more exciting alternative to the usual voucher or cash gifts. Almost everyone has solved a jigsaw puzzle at some point, so the gift is suitable for everyone. The puzzles consist of 300 or 500 pieces and make up a large QR code. You can scan this code with your smartphone, although many camera apps can already read QR codes directly, or you can install a QR code reader app from the stores.

Each puzzle contains a unique link in the QR code that takes you straight to our payout page. Here you can either pay out your at least 100,000 Sathoshi (0.001 Bitcoin) to your existing wallet or have a wallet created and paid out to it. Easy as one, two, three...

Our puzzles are made entirely in Europe, are suitable for ages 12 and up (younger children can solve the puzzles well with support) and are delivered in a sturdy cardboard box.




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